MCP Project 12: Resolution

The making of New Year’s resolution is often an act of futility for me.  

Before the end of the first week, as with most people, I’ve already abandoned my lofty plans.   This year I’ve tried something different.  Not only have I set forth goals for myself and family, but I have also put in place a clear action plan as to the steps that need to be taken to reach those goals.

My first personal goal is to take more photos and develop my skills as a photographer.  The way in which I will do this is to participate in not one, but three photographic challenges.  I have my own personal challenge, which I have decided to call 52 Pick Up,  as well as Let’s Do 52, hosted by Paint the Moon and Project 12 hosted by MCP.  This should keep me fairly busy, but with clear deadlines I also have a series of mini goals to meet throughout the year.

My second personal goal is to actually plant a vegetable garden this spring.  This is how my “dead weed” pictures relate to the MCP Project 12 Theme of Resolution.  Two summers ago my DH and I build a beautiful south facing vegetable garden and I have quite successfully harvested two lovely crops of weeds.  The first summer it was too late to plant anything and the second summer I was suffering from health issues that kept me from being physically able to do the work.  I am out of excuses, and no longer will my garden be full of dead weeds.

In taking the photos above I must admit that I was quite taken by the beauty of this dead vegetation.  The textures and colours simply took my breath away.  Once again a little reminder in slowing down and appreciating what is around us.

Now onto our family goal.  We have decided to work at getting our frivolous spending under control this year.  To help us with this resolution we have decided to implement a ticket system to limit the number of VOD movies we order and the number of times we eat out each month.  To make it a little more visual for the kids I made up these tickets that are posted on the fridge.  Each time we use one of our tickets we just cross it off so it is easy to keep track of how many frivolities are still available.  I’ve subscribed to a few meal planning blogs so that should help keep me on track with meals.  Over the next week we plan on putting together our no cost  “fun jar” so we have ready made ideas to pick from instead of watching a movie.

Credit: Paper and Elements: Craft Jar by Miss Mint (

So I’ve set my resolutions and just heading into the second week of the year, I believe that may have  been the easiest part of the task.

So as I embark on my resolution journey, I wish you all the best as you embark on your own.  May we all stay true to our year’s goals.


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