PTM – Let’s Do 52: Responsibility

I believe my husband and I simultaneously  suffered a horrendous  case of temporary insanity, and when we came to our senses we had another pug!


Did we honestly think that getting another dog would miraculously result in the kids developing  a stronger sense of responsibility?  They were hard pressed to pick up after the first pug; did we REALLY think they would spontaneously begin to pick up after two without daily prodding?  I’m not sure what ‘Kool-Aid’ we were drinking, but whatever it was it resulted in my husband and I getting thoroughly shnuckered.

But it is hard to get too upset about it when you have that sweet little marshmallow pug snuggled up against you with her snorty breath in your ear.

And it’s almost impossible to regret the decision when you see the two dogs snuggled up on the couch together or playing outside in the yard.

So it may not be the kids who get up at 5am to take the little white dervish outside, but once we come back, inside we usually cuddle up and fall back to sleep.  And I will admit the kids are in the yard picking up “pug presents” on a more consistent basis.

I think I got the better end of the deal.


4 thoughts on “PTM – Let’s Do 52: Responsibility

  1. I can relate. I thought we’d lost our marbles after getting a second dog but after watching them play and snuggle with each other, I don’t think I’ll ever just have 1 dog again 🙂

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