52 Pick Up: Week 3 – Mornings – A Weekend Reprieve

I’ve always been a morning person.

I don’t really remember a time, even when I was a teenager, when I could sleep until noon.  Once I’ve woken up – or been woken up, I’m up for the day.  Even with our little puppy needing to get up so early in the morning to go outside, I find it extremely  difficult to settle back into a restful sleep.  My DH has no trouble whatsoever slipping back into ‘dreamland’ and is often snoring again before I’ve even settled into a comfortable position.  It is not just the weekend either.  During the weekdays, when the alarm is scheduled for 5:45, I find that I am often awake before the cacophony of noise disrupts the peace of the morning.

So what is a girl to do?

I often attempt to lay as still as possible and get at least a little more rest.  I may not be sleeping, but I least I can try and relax.  All too often I find my head starts spinning about what I could or should be doing.  At that point, there is no other option then to get up.

As with pretty much the entire world’s population, weekend mornings are my favourite.  I make a pot of coffee, check  FB and email, do the meal plan for the week and may be even spend a bit of time on Stumble or Zite.  The house is quiet, the world outside is quiet and the demands of the day do not seem all that pressing.  I’ve grown to love these  few moments of silence that I can squander away guilt free  before my youngest awakes.  She is a morning person herself and usually isn’t far behind me.  Once she up, we share some pre breakfast and have a quiet visit.  Again, a time I have come to treasure.  She is truly a unique little person and I love the quirky conversations we have as the morning sun washes the mountains in a pink glow.

I save my second cup of coffe for when my husband is up.  By then the kids are busy with their own agendas and we have time to talk about our past week, plan for the next and dream together about our future adventures.  No cup of coffee in the week tastes better than the one I share with my husband on a weekend morning.

The day stretches out before us like a gift.  There is time to visit, to sit in a favourite chair with a mountain view, read the paper and take a little reprieve from the chaos of our lives.  It is like the calm before the storm.  By the contrast, our weekday mornings are an insane rush to get everyone up and out the door.  Inevitable my shouts of, “Hurry up!  We’re going to be late,” are ignored and we all leave the house feeling somewhat frazzled.

Ah yes, the frazzled longing for a weekend morning; a weekend morning that is to be savoured like that first sip of coffee in the early light.

“Life doesn’t get any better than this.”  I couldn’t agree more!

Please check out the 52 Pick Up Page, on Sunday, for next week’s theme.

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