PTM – Let’s Do 52: Everyday Tools – Addicted!

Hello, my name is Sherene and I’m an Apple addict!

I’m starting to think that I might need some therapy.  As I sit here on my MacBook typing this up, I’m sending texts to my sister on my iPhone, and I have Zite up on my iPad.  Now that I reflect upon it, my three favourite devices are never very far from my reach.  At any given moment I can check the calendar for homework due dates, the weekly meal plan, appointments and work schedules.  I can listen to an audio book or read a magazine.  I can check my four separate email accounts or Facetime with family members who are far away.  I can read an up to date weather, news or road report at the push of a button.  And if I feel like I just need to blow some time, there is always plenty of time wasting games to play.

Although sometimes I must admit that I’m a little disturbed by my Pavlovian response to the alarms, beeps and chimes.

It’s pathetic really.

Is the world really going to come to an end if I don’t immediately read and respond to an email, text or FB posting.  And seriously do I really need to know the latest breaking news at all hours of the day?

And it’s not just me.

My children are becoming addicts too.  It started with that innocuous little iPod Nano.  Next thing I knew they both had iPod Touches.   Now I find myself texting them from the kitchen to come for supper or to remind them to put away their laundry.  There are no more arguments over what movie to watch during those long car rides as they both watch the latest movie, they’ve downloaded to their Touch.

But as I negotiate the addicting waters of  instant knowledge and contact, I too have to educate my children to be responsible digital citizens.  It is one thing to get them an iDevice, but what they really need is in iEducation!  As parents we have a whole new set of  technological issues to deal with that our own parents never did.

We have had to set rules around Facetime, TextPlus Pro and the types of images they are allowed to post on Instagram.  Not to mention standing our ground that no they do not need a YouTube account to post the ridiculous videos they keep filming with their friends!  We know the pass codes for all devices and we can read convos and texts at any time we choose.  All devices are put away and ignored during meals and are turned off at bedtime…. and the list goes on.

The list goes on, just as the speed of light advancement of technology goes on. Young and old alike will try to keep up with the latest and greatest of technology as we also work to make sense of the new social rules and etiquette of our time.  For now, I will resist the need to buy the newest iDevice just as I will resist the need to respond to a text during supper.

But if you will excuse me, something just beeped and I simply need to know what it’s about…


6 thoughts on “PTM – Let’s Do 52: Everyday Tools – Addicted!

  1. I loved this! Very amusing but insiteful as well. Even though my addiction is divided between apples & androids I am just as hooked. Thanks for swinging by my blog today. Can’t wait to look around some more as I found so many of the pics on your homepage wonderful.

  2. I think and for sure you are not the only one in this, I am typing with my galaxy tab and my iphone is just next to me, this is the small world that gives me the opportunity to write this for someone on the other side of the earth.. And lots of others will read it.


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