52 Pick Up: Things I Love – It’s The Little Things!

Have you ever noticed how it is the little things that make your house a home?  It is the little things that remind you of the ones you love and how your life would be irreparably changed should they no longer be there.

I’m at home sick today.  I have that miserable cold that seems to be sweeping through Alberta right now.  At first I was all set to write today’s blog about my family and how much I love them.  But seriously, shouldn’t that go without saying!

So I figured I would grab my camera and take a walk through our house.  With my photographer’s eyes wide open, I could fully see the dust and disarray that surrounded me.  My house is certainly not going to be showcased on Martha Stewart any time soon!  But as I walked from room to room, I began to notice the little things that I love.  The little things that remind me of the ones I love.

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#1: The quilt on our bed brings to mind a deeper meaning then it just being the bed I share with my husband.  This is the bed I have snuggled with my daughters in, reading them stories or comforting them when they are scared or sick.  It is the bed that turns into the family wrestling ring when the kids want to rough house with their daddy.  At times it seems to be the very core of our home and you can find the four of us jumbled in the quilt, with the two dogs, watching a movie.  Never mind the big screen is just in the other room.  This quilt also brings to mind my mom and dad.  My mom made this quilt for me a couple of years back, and whenever they are away for the winter I always smile knowing that her love is surrounding me at night.

#2: The jumble of make up and lip gloss belonging to my soon to be teenaged daughter.  How quickly the time has passed and I am in continued awe of what an amazing young lady she is growing into.  At times I am torn between wanting her to stay little and the desire to witness the amazing adult I know she will become.

#3:  This text is a  prime example of how cool my daughter is.  She is away right now at a school camp and last night we were texting each other.  I had just made comment to my husband how odd it felt for her not to be in the house with her, “mom i love you,” text came through.  I will admit, I did get a little teary.

#4: Sally Bear and Victoria Brave Bear.  These both belong to my youngest daughter.  Sally Bear is her special bear, that she has owned since she was three.  That bear has certainly seen the miles.  Victoria is a new addition to her bed.  She was a reward for finally sleeping without a night light.  Seeing those two stuffies tucked in close to her pillow reminds me that she too is growing up at an alarming rate and that I need to take the time to enjoy the sweet little girl she is.

#5:  A recent painting by my youngest.  She has always had a flair for the artistic.  This Christmas she asked for an art set, and Santa was able to find her one that made her eyes light up.  She has been painting on her many canvases since then.  I love it when she trundles down the stairs, her painting smock on with a new creation in hand.  One day I am certain that I will see one of her creations hanging in a gallery somewhere.

#6: My bathtub is a reminder to take time for me.  There is nothing more relaxing than slipping into the hot water, surrounded by bubbles with a good book in hand.  All too often it is easy to fall into the, “I’m too busy trap.”  But I will admit, I’m a much happier wife and mom when I remember to pamper myself now and again.

#7: Our poor old ratty couch has certainly seen better days.  My husband and I purchased this couch just about 15 years ago with some of the money we received as a wedding gift.  This couch was were I slept when I was pregnant with both of our daughters and my hips ached so much.  It has been jumped on, peed on and thrown up on.  It has been turned into a fort and has been the launch pad for little girls who were trying to fly.  Soon it will leave our home, of that I am certain.  But know this – it has been a good couch and it holds a tremendous number of memories.

#8: Mmmmmm, chocolate cake!  There are so many sweet memories that come to mind.  First of all, let me clarify, I did not bake this cake.  It was a gift from my secret buddy at work.  They were kind enough to bake me an entire chocolate cake – AND it is gluten free.  What a nice reminder of how I am appreciated by those I work with.  Now, with that clarification I will say that I do love being in the kitchen.  My personal favourite is to cook.  I cook just like my grandmother and mother before me.  I throw a little of this and a little of that into the pot and before long a delicious meal is on the table.  I have a harder time with baking because you actually have to follow the recipe; especially when baking gluten free.  My children love to bake though.  In fact my youngest has been able to make a better apple pie then me for a number of years now.  So this cake reminds me of all the flour sprinkled hours I have spent in the kitchen with my two girls.  When we purchased our house, I specifically looked for one with massive counter space, so I would have room enough to have my two girls beside me in the kitchen.

#9: My computer is where I scrapbook the story of our lives.  It is where I crop and tweak the photos of the ones I love.  I used to paper scrapbook, but now I do everything digital.  It is a perfect fit for my perfectionist nature.  I can always colour match my paper and size any photo so it is just right.

#10: The lei from our Elvis Wedding!  My husband and I renewed our vows two years ago in Vegas.  It was just the two of us and Elvis and we had the best time ever!  Elvis walked me down the aisle and druring the ceremony, my husband promised to always be my “hunka, hunka burnin love” and I vowed too never be a “hard headed woman”!  This ceremony was a perfect reflection of the relationship my husband and I have: it is full of both love and a whole lot of laughter.

So it is the little things that remind us of the ones we love.  It isn’t the cards, flowers or chocolates that will be given on this Hallmark holiday.  It is your daughter texting you goodnight, it is a warm little hand tucked into yours when you least expect it or your husband taking the dogs out because he knows you aren’t feeling well.

So I wish you Happy Valentine’s Day, but I also wish you a whole lot of “little things” too.


3 thoughts on “52 Pick Up: Things I Love – It’s The Little Things!

  1. Ah, this is wonderful! I have this morbid thing of every once in a while going through my house and saying what would I take with me, if I had to leave for whatever reason, and it is amazing what it turns out to be. Those are the things that are my life. What are important.

    Anyhow, great post. Happy belated Valentine’s Day and I hope you’re feeling better!

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