Ramblings – A Hard Lesson Learned

I should know better!

But I got lazy. . . or wrapped up in just how busy I have been lately.  Either way, I have no excuse for not pulling the images off of my card and saving them to the server.  But as they say, hindsight is 20:20.  So I will just have to come to terms with the reality there were some pretty amazing images on that card that I will never be able to recover.

That being said, it doesn’t bring back the new images I captured just this weekend.  Now luckily they were not client images, only personal.  Still though, what a frustration!

The problem all started when I pulled my SD card out of my camera and used my brand new iPad card reader.  Lights flashed and I then received a message the device was not compatible with iPad.  Hmmm, interesting, as both the website I purchased it from AND the packaging said it was.   Oh well I figured, and popped the card out of the reader and back into the camera.  In those 30 seconds my card had become completely garbled.  My camera could no longer read it, but I figured I wouldn’t panic and would try to read the card on my PC when I returned home.

So the weekend came to and end and the saga continued.  My computer could bring up the thumbnails of the images, but could no longer read any of the files.  My husband tried to recover the data, but it crashed the program.  I downloaded a new recovery program and tried again.  After ten and a half hours of processing I received the unfathomable message there was no usable data on the card.  Over 10 GB of data and none of it readable!


So what did I learn from this little escapade:

  1. Always, always, always save images to the server ASAP
  2. Reformat the card with your camera as soon as you dump your images
  3. And most importantly, new technology doesn’t always mean better technology.  For anyone wondering, I’ve thrown the iReader away.

From now on, I will just be patient and wait until I get home to see my images on a larger screen.


6 thoughts on “Ramblings – A Hard Lesson Learned

  1. I shoot with a Canon so use CF cards. I bought an iPad CF card reader off of eBay and when I plug it in to my iPad, I get that error message every time. I just cancel it out and the images copy over ok. However, your post here is making me leary. I was planning to use that out in the field to show the pictures to people I’m taking pictures of right there on the spot. I think I’ll invest in a portable storage device to copy them off to first! Thanks.

  2. I have to admit, it has not happened to me yet *fingers crossed* but I did have a similar scare when I was returning from holiday with a new bag and lens only for the clip to snap and sending my camera plus lenses plummeting towards the ground!

  3. I feel your pain, not trying to be a smart a**, really, empty your cards more often, you’re gambling leaving it on there! And its alright, keep shooting you’ll get even more amazing stuff.

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