52 Pick Up – Food: The Best Memories!

Two simple statements are key elements of my personal reality.

  1. I am Celiac
  2. As you know from my previous post, 52 Pick Up: Things I Love – It’s The Little Things!, I love spending time in the kitchen with my girls.
Because I have only eaten gluten free for about a year and a half now, I am still experimenting in finding tasty gluten free meals and treats my family will enjoy.  In the beginning, I would often make regular meals and treats for my husband and daughters and then make gluten free meals and treats for me.  Quickly, I grew weary of doubling up on my time in the kitchen and worked hard at finding meals and treats for all of us.
My efforts have paid off, as I now make one meal each evening, and my husband and children will happily eat lentils, quinoa and rice pasta.  The hardest of all was mastering using gluten free flour to make baked treats.  Either the taste was off or the texture was crumbly.  Unfortunately, sometimes it was both.  Now I am happy to say when I bake my husband often has to ask if it is gluten free.

Most often I bake from scratch, but this week I had a busy schedule, and a very impatient daughter who had it in her mindset we needed to bake cookies.  My youngest missy can be very tenacious when she gets an idea in her head, so I scrounged around to find anything in the pantry that would work and got down to the business of baking with my youngest daughter.

After digging around in the pantry, we found the Namaste Foods cookie mix I received as a gift, mini M&Ms and GF butterscotch chips.  As my daughter so aptly proclaimed, as she did a fist pump, “Score!”

After some measuring, mixing , and tasting we were scooping the batter onto the cookie sheet.  Standing side by side at the counter, my daughter looked up from her work and said, “Mom, I love baking with you.  I want you to know it is my favourite things to do with you.  Mom, It gives me the best memories.”

My heart melted like the M&Ms in the 350 degree oven!

To have her put into words, my exact feelings, truly did make my heart sing.  Knowing our time together is creating these memories, for both of us, made these tasty cookies all the sweeter.

I think I may have to purchase some more mixes for the next time we feel like making a few memories.


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