MCP: Love – Up Close and Personal with Nature

I love getting up close and personal with nature.

Taking photos of flowers, leaves and insects is where I really began to develop my love for photography.  When I was first learning photography, my dad had me photograph a fair amount of still life.  I can still rememeber the day he put a crystal vase and an egg on a white background.  That was okay, but it wasn’t until I stepped outside and started to photograph the great outdoors that my love of the camera truly blossomed.  Yes, the pun WAS intended there!

Over the years, I have taken countless photos of landscapes and nature, but when I received a camera that would allow me to take good macro photos my world opened up.   The colours and textures of the natural world simply begged to be captured.  The eye of a grasshopper, the texture of a mushroom or the pollen of a lily, it was all beautiful to me.  One of the basic premises of photography I have come to live by is: If you are going to photograph an element of nature, why not take a few steps closer and really capture the essence of its beauty.

The MCP: Project 12 Theme for the month of February was love.  As I have already done a post on those and that which I love, I figured I would shift gears and share some of my favourite up close and personal nature photos.

So, the next time you are outside and a flower or insect catches your eye, take a few steps closer and introduce yourself to its secrets.

You will be amazed by what you discover.


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