52 Pick Up: Eyes – Sometimes I Wish I Could Stop Time

There are some conversations that bring your state of reality into full clarity.

I snapped this photo of my daughter and the first thing out of her mouth was, “Mom!  If you are taking photos of me let me put on some mascara!”  My reply was quick.

“No honey, I’m just taking a few pictures and you don’t need mascara.”

“But Mom!”

“No, you are beautiful as you are.  Just let me take these pictures.”


In the end I won and she didn’t go upstairs to put on any mascara.  There was a brief moment of pouting before her usual giggly personality shone for the camera.  But as I shot the rest of the images my heart reflected, where did my little girl go?  The one who was more interested in playing make believe than putting on make up.  My daughter is currently living in a state of transformation and I will admit today I wished I could just push the STOP button.  I am sure they had given me one  when I came home from the hospital with my sweet bundle of love, but I think somewhere along the way I misplaced it.

I believe all mothers wish they could push the stop button.  It is during  those fleeting moments when your heart sings, your eyes prickle and you simply wish you could hold onto that moment just a little longer.

This was one of those times.

I love this series of photos of my girl.  She is natural, silly and on the cusp of becoming a teenager.  The attitude is starting to show itself, as is evident in the last photo.  I will admit, of all of the photos that last attitude photo is my favourite.  The reason being that I caught that exasperated gaze and purse of her lips.

The emotion is clear  in her eyes and sometimes that is the hardest thing to capture.   You need to make sure your subject is comfortable and willing before those true emotions are expressed in the eyes.  I was so pleased to capture that exasperation. It was pure and natural – just like my girl.

Thanks for reading.

Be well ~ Sherene


16 thoughts on “52 Pick Up: Eyes – Sometimes I Wish I Could Stop Time

  1. A nice series. What brought it alive for me was your essay though because that allowed me to not only see the eyes and emotions in front of the camera, but the eyes behind the camera as well.

  2. I wish I had a STOP button too. I miss my kids very much now that they are “grown up” and independent. You have a very beautiful daughter and I am so glad she responded to you and you were able to get some fabulous shots of her eyes.

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