Ramblings – Sometimes it Pays to Listen to your Kids!

It was the normal rush to get out the door on time this morning and I had just drawn the blinds to discover the sky was awash with pink.  I gasped and hollared to the kids, “Holy cow you guys check out the sky!  It’s gorgeous!” Both of the girls rushed to the window and made appropriate oooing and ahhhing noises that befit the beautify of nature that was in front of them.

“Mom!  Get your camera!” my eldest daughter practically shouted.

“Na, I don’t have time.  I still have to take the puppy out for her business.”

My youngest princess was a little more insistent, “Mommmmmmmm! Get your camera!”

“Give me a minute….”

As I was trundling around outside trying to convince my curious little pup to do her business I couldn’t help but be distracted by the pink sky.  I looked up to my amusement and saw both my girls, noses pressed to the window, making picture taking gestures.  I rushed the little one along and the headed back inside to find my youngest daughter practically going out of her skin.

“Mom, come on you have to take a picture.  Hurry up!!!!  You’re going to miss it!!!!!!”

I relented and grabbed the camera.  I took a quick glance at my last settings, and made some minor adjustments to ISO, aperture and shutter speed as I rushed outside into the frosting spring morning.  I walked across the street to the green space and snapped this pic.  It was a rushed job, as we were already late leaving the house.  I gave the photo a quick glance on the way back to the house and didn’t think about it again until I got home.

When I pulled it up on the big monitor, after work, I was amazed at the peaceful beauty of this early morning photo.  I will admit, it was worth being a few minutes late for work.

So there you have it. . . sometimes it pays to listen to your kids!


14 thoughts on “Ramblings – Sometimes it Pays to Listen to your Kids!

  1. Absolutely stunning! Yes, you have to listen to them..hehehe. No one can miss these beautiful colours of the sky. 🙂 Great shot! 🙂

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