52 Pick Up: 50 Steps from Home or Work – Reckless Abandon

Boys play with reckless abandon!

In our neighbourhood we have an overwhelming number of boys and the innate differences between the genders become incredibly clear when you watch them play.

They play hockey in the middle of the street.

They play baseball in the middle of the street.

They ride their skateboards right down the middle of the street.

Last summer I witnessed, zipping down the middle of the street, two boys scrunched into a laundry basket they had strapped to a longboard!

Girls generally don’t play this way.  Perhaps I am making over generalizations here, but I know my girls don’t play this way.  I have never once witnessed my daughters playing ANYTHING in the middle of the street.

My photos for the 50 Steps from Home or Work challenge are of the abandoned toys left in the green space close to our home.  The hockey net and baseball glove have sat rotting in the elements since last fall.  Observing the faded colours, rust and torn net got me to thinking about how boys and girls play differently.

These differences became quite apparent as I recently witnessed three boys playing a gun battle game in a local park.  They were running through the bushes and trees with air soft guns.  They had no ammo, and simply pointed their weapons at each other, clicking the trigger.  As they scrambled around all you could hear was click, “Got you!”  Click, click, “Dude, I got you!”

There were no spoken rules.  They didn’t argue over the validity of each hit.  They just ran, clicked and proclaimed a hit.  Then in his exuberance, one boy ran smack into a tree!  I stopped waiting for the ensuing tears.

“Duuuude, that was epic!” his buddy proclaimed.

The boy shook it off, and as he started running he leveled his weapon and proclaimed, “Ya I know, ” click, “Got you!”

I had to shake my head once again at how differently boys and girls play.  If that had been one of my daughters and her friends playing, she would have crumbled to the ground in tears as all of her friends rushed to her side to make sure she was okay.  Then they would have found something else to play so no one else would get hurt.

I have a sister who is raising two sons, and as I reflect on how and where boys play, it makes me just a little thankful they live on a quiet cul-de-sac.


14 thoughts on “52 Pick Up: 50 Steps from Home or Work – Reckless Abandon

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  2. It’s sad to see a baseball glove rotting in a field because it makes me wonder where the kid is who used to own the glove. We used to play in the street all the time when I was a kid but that was a loooong time ago and way before everyone was driving way to fast and recklessly for their own good.

  3. Wow! What stunning photo’s Sherene! Love it! Great entry hon! 🙂

    Oh, I just had to laugh at the : “Duuuude, that was epic!” .
    Boys will be boys! LOL! And of course the boy that ran into the tree had to show he’s no softie..hehehehe. I am sure you had lots of fun watching them play. It’s great to hear that so many kids still play games outside.

  4. I like the baseball-glove shots and the rusted hockey frame…loved pieces of equipment that are full of memories and will fill their adult stories of “remember when…?” How nice.

    And yes, boys do play so differently…we have four of them…and two girls…and there is truth in the saying that things/people can be “as different as night and day.” 🙂

    Nice post…well done, Sherene.

  5. Oh yes Sherene, boys definitely play differently than girls. And they count their scars as medals earned in the field of battle! lol Our favorite saying to Scott as he was growing up and would get hurt…. “pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and go again!” Seemed to work….. loves all the extremes! Love the pics!

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