Oh Brother! A Little Man Session

I had so much fun at this session.  These two brothers were a busy as ever and just wanted to play and explore the park we took them to.  Mom ran after the little one as he tried to keep up with his older brother, and I ran after them both trying to coax a smile from each of them.   Let it be known that bribery can go a long way with a four year old.  I told him that he could take pictures of me, if I could take some pictures of him, but the deal was he had to smile.  Worked like a charm!  Next time I’m bringing my little Nikon Coolpix so I don’t have to trust a 4 year old with my DSLR!

It was a fun afternoon at the park and Mom came home happy to have some shots of her boys.


8 thoughts on “Oh Brother! A Little Man Session

  1. These are great photos and I’m so glad you have this business that allows you to enjoy so many subjects. These are a great addition to your portfolio and marketing campaign. I hope your business keeps growing.
    And thanks for sharing these wonderful children. I think you’ve created some wonderful memories here.

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