Not a Haiku – Green with Envy

A lone brown leaf

Watches the arrival of spring

Green with envy


11 thoughts on “Not a Haiku – Green with Envy

  1. Love it!
    Where we live here in India the seasons are a little strange. As winter approaches – nothing happens. Then, for about a month in springtime, the old leaves fall and the new leaves burst forth – autumn and spring on the same tree at the same time! When we first arrived here and hadn’t yet been through a cycle of seasons I thought I must have done something wrong and killed all of the trees when they started to drop their leaves in spring!
    Also, thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post ont eh Muttaiamma festival.
    Dorinda (lakesideindia)

    • Most of our leaves lose all of their leaves and sit there as skeletons all winter long. This poor tree had this one little leaf that was hanging on. I can’t wait for the new buds to emerge. Thank you for commenting and sharing a little about where you are from.

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