52 Pick Up – Taking Care of Business: Looking Down When Everyone Is Looking Up!

“Everyone walks all over my work!”

This was a simple statement made by my husband recently, and it is the truth.  Everyone DOES walk all over his work.  How many times do you stop and think about the process that goes into building a road,  parkade, warehouse, condo or bridge?  This is the work of my husband.  He manages the creation of many of the everyday structures we take for granted.

Recently, the Peace Bridge opened in Calgary.  The completion of this spanning structure of glass, metal and concrete was wrought with political agendas and tax payer upset.  I will not take the time to weight judgement on any of the issues surrounding this bridge.  What I do want to bring to light is the pride I witnessed in my husband as he walked on the very structure he had a hand in bringing to fruition.  As we approached the bridge he pointed out the brilliant white end stones and told be the story of how they were designed, cast and then painted.  Walking across the bridge, everyone around us was looking up while we were looking down.  He pointed out the inlaid lights and told me about the special mix that was imported to create the texture in the precast slabs.  He even shared how that special mix was then also used in the grout so that it would match the slabs.

He was proud.

Proud of the time and effort he put into a job well done.

Proud of the men who worked months to cast and place the heavy slabs.

And I think in the end happy to have it over.  It is an arduous task to coordinate the expectations and demands of city officials, engineers, and the men in the shop, but my husband did it, and he did it well.

So the next time you walk across a bridge, or drive in a parkade or enjoy the view from your upscale condo remember the hard work that went into creating it.


15 thoughts on “52 Pick Up – Taking Care of Business: Looking Down When Everyone Is Looking Up!

  1. Great post! I have friends that are on the labor end of bridge-building, no orchestrating for them – just follow orders… being in charge isn’t always all its cracked up to be. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Yes, funny how we take this all for granted and never think of all the hard labour that goes into it. Great reminder hon and aren’t we lucky to have such great hubby’s? Stunning photo’s once again. Love it! 🙂

  4. Taking pride in your own work, or that of others that you have encouraged and helped along the way – that’s most satisfying. Congratulations to your hubby. And I read that you are proud of him too. That’s the way it should be.

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