The Rise of the Crocus!

Spring has finally arrived in Alberta, and I had the joy of watching my crocus’  bloom this week.

Now I just have to hope the vole, who has taken up residency in my garden, won’t discover them too!  His most recent hole is quite close, which is why you can see dirt on the petals in the last couple of images.


11 thoughts on “The Rise of the Crocus!

  1. Beautiful! I’m amazed you got “spring crocuses” in Alberta in March! Isn’t it early for you, too…like the rest of us have had an early spring?

      • Oh I’m happy for you! In Michigan we had an early spring too! So far a fun year! But we’ve had snow (eeek the S word) in April…so I’m not holding my breath! We’ve had several freeze warnings since our daffys bloomed, but they’re still hanging in there..tough little guys! Thanks for sharing your pretty photos.

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