52 Pick Up – Week 13 Review & This Week’s Photo Challenge

This was a tough one!

This was a difficult challenge and I am all than more grateful for those of you who joined in.  I continue to have so much fun in not only coming up with challenge ideas but in sharing in a little piece of your lives.  My world is shrinking as I am playing witness to the beautiful places you live.  Thank you so much for sharing a little of who you are each week.

Here are the links to this week’s participants:

Alice Through the Macro Lens shared the business of children – Oh to be carefree again!

sonel was back for a third straight week with a little monkey and doggy business.  Watch out for the surprise visitor at the end of her post!

KrisDragun shared a little the special talents of her cat.  Oh if only my pugs were that talented!

Beingjulz joined in for the first time this week with a little “dirty” business.  Thanks for taking part Julz

You are also welcome to read my posting on the challenge here.

Thank you so much to everyone who checked out the 52 Pick Up Photo challenge and a special thanks to each participant.

Now to introduce this week’s challenge…..


As always, please interpret this challenge as you desire.  There is nothing better than that feeling of anticipation!  The fluttery heart for something we truly desire.  Our challenge this week is to capture anticipation.    Anticipation for an event, trip or just a special treat.  This may be something you are patiently, or maybe not so patiently waiting for, or even the very emotion of anticipation.  Remember my challenges are always about getting out there and taking photos and most importantly don’t forget to have fun!

I can’t wait to see all of your images.

Wishing each of you an amazing week!

~ Sherene


16 thoughts on “52 Pick Up – Week 13 Review & This Week’s Photo Challenge

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  5. Ooooh, and now you are going to wait in anticipation for our entries..hehehehehe
    Thanks for a lovely theme again hon. 🙂

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