52 Pick Up – Things are Looking Up: My History Adventure

I had the pleasure of spending the last week bringing history alive for my students!

We walked more than 47 kilometers over the course of our journey and I will admit, I spent a far amount of time looking up at the great monuments and buildings that tell the story of Canada.  I took more than 1400 photos, but here are a few of my favourites…

This image is looking up at Parliament Hill at sunset.  I love how the sun is flaring off of the side of the building and the fact that I caught our flag full out!

The next images is the Library at the back of Parliament.  This is the only building that didn’t burn down in the tragic fire in February 1916.  The only thing that saved this building, and the priceless books inside, was its iron doors.

This following image is looking up the side of the Parliament building.  I love the stone and glass work of this building!

The Museum of Civilization is my most favourite museum in all of Canada.  If you are ever in Ottawa, make sure to save time for this museum.  This is looking up one of the totem poles in the grand hall.

totem pole

The next images is also in the Museum of Civilization.  It is a ceiling painting entitled Morning Star.  It was painted by Alex Janvier and is absolutely breathtaking!

Morning Star

My next images is looking up at the main alter of the Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal.  The image does little to capture the shear magnitude the beauty of this building.

Notre Dame Basilica

The following image is of the side of the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City.  Our guide told us that this is the most photographed building in all of North America.  If I save my pennies, one day I will be able to afford to spend a night in this stunning hotel!

Chateau Frontenac

I was able to capture this next image of the Chateau in the evening just as the sun was going down and the lights were coming on.  I love the texture of the clouds surrounding it.

While still in Quebec, we travelled to the small town of Sainte Anne de Beaupre.  This was the site of Ste-Anne de Beaupre Basilica.  This was a case of a very big church in a very small town.  It made you wonder how they filled the pews, but apparently many people travel from around the world to pilgrimage to this Basilica as it is the site of many miracles.

The last image is looking up at the 83 metre high Montmorency Falls.  These falls are one and a half times higher than the Niagara Falls!  This picture holds a certain significance in that I walked across the suspension bridge spanning the falls despite my completely irrational fear of heights over water!

As always, my pride in being Canadian is further strengthened by travelling to this part of our great country.  If you have not had the pleasure of seeing this part of Canada, and you are looking for a travel adventure rich in history and culture, I strongly encourage you to visit these three great cities of Canada.


33 thoughts on “52 Pick Up – Things are Looking Up: My History Adventure

  1. Hi ! I found your blog through a comment you made at Katie’s Camera Blog. I was surprised to see the beautiful Château Frontenac, Ottawa Parliament and Cathedral at Ste-Anne de Beaupré, it’s not everyday that I visit a blog and see beautiful photos of places I know ! I live an hour drive from old Quebec city and I often go to Ottawa to visit my brother.
    You have a beautiful blog with lovely photos, I really enjoyed my visit !

    • Well then I admit I am a little jealous that you live in such a beautiful part of our country! I hope you appreciate it every day as I only have been able to visit there three times now. It looks like my next visit won’t be for another three years.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my blog and I invite you to visit again. ~ Sherene

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