Weekly Photo Challenge – Sun (or in this case too much sun)

This photo was a complete accident, but I admit I love it!

I had just swapped out my lenses and didn’t have the chance to change any of my settings before I decided to snap a pic of my little white pug catching some rays, gazing out the window. ย She glanced over to me and as you can tell it was a case of a highly overexposed image, but there is a certain ‘coolness’ to it. ย I even like how you can see my reflection in her eye.


41 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Sun (or in this case too much sun)

  1. I love it, it’s a great photo, even if it’s overexposed ! Sometimes we have nice surprises with our camera…

  2. I really like the “luck” element as part of taking photos. It’s a birthday present any time of the year! Sometimes the stars line up just right. This was one of those times! Great photo.

      • LOL! I know the feeling. Sometimes Simba decides at 4 in the morning he wants to go out and when he goes out the front door he turns back, looks at me and that look in his face : “Now come on! You didn’t think I was going to walk alone in the dark now heh?” Then I just have to smile, walk out so that the security light can go on, he does his business and goes back in, look behind him again with that look : “Now come on, don’t be so slow. I have to catch up on some zzzz’s you know!” They do make us smile, don’t they? LOL!

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