Ramblings – For the Love of Birthday Parties!

I love birthdays!

Not my own – my birthday happens just as the school year is coming to a close and I am in the throes of writing report cards.

In reality, I love planning and organizing birthday parties!

Once I have a theme, I’m good to go.  First I design the invitation, then the decorations.  I will buy a few things, but I more apt to design my own items around the theme.  This includes banners, treat boxes, place cards, water bottle lables, centrepieces… etc.  I love it when everything coordinates and it all comes together.  I’ve even done some designing of party packages for local families.

The last thing I concentrate on is the cake or cupcakes.  Over the years I’ve made Elmo cakes, princess cakes, Dora cakes, flower cupcakes, bowling cupcakes, microphone cupcakes, cake pops, marshmallow pops and this year, popcorn cupcakes.

I just can’t help myself, I simply love pulling together a themed party and watching all of the guests enjoy themselves.

This week, my youngest celebrated her tenth birthday and wanted to have a popcorn PJ party.  Here is the invitation and images of the decorations and treats.

It was a grand success and as she hugged me goodnight, she thanked me and told me I gave her the best birthday party ever!

Woo hoo…. now I just wonder when my Mom of the Year award will be arriving…


9 thoughts on “Ramblings – For the Love of Birthday Parties!

  1. Actually, you hit on one of my favorite things to do. I don’t have the same opportunity I used to as when my kids were younger (birthday parties seem to be a thing of the past now). Christmas is when I go all out … it’s obviously easy to do the theme being it’s Christmas. But, this year I did a theme around small ornaments. I had put together little gift bags with small ornaments dangling from the cute bags and had them set up at the place settings. Everyone loved it. It is so much fun doing parties. 😀

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