Family Session: The Drool Starts Here!

I loved spending time with this family, and felt so blessed that they welcomed me into their home to capture their family’s story.  The love between them was evident in every image I took.  The session captured some portrait images, but also private glimpses of their lives as well.  You may recognize this little princess from her first photo session.

This little princess was in such good spirits, considering she was teething.  Poor mom spent the first hour trying to keep her princess dry until we gave up, stripped off baby’s clothes and just let the drool flow!  

Some of my favourite images from this session include the one where I snapped Mom’s hand sweeping in to wipe away the drool, the belly kiss and lastly, the photo of Mom looking at Dad.


17 thoughts on “Family Session: The Drool Starts Here!

  1. They are some fantastic shots there. They are brilliant. You have definitely captured the purity of a child, plus the love that the parents give. Just brilliant.

  2. OMG … is she not the cutest baby or what? These photos are exquisite. The parents must be so happy. I don’t know if I could pick a fav … although I do have an affinity to lack and white. 😀

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