52 Pick Up: Pick a Colour – Purple

I don’t have a favourite colour for clothes, cars, or flowers but this week I seemed to find myself surrounded by purple flowers.

The first image is of a Campanula that was a cheer me up gift from a friend of mine.  The bright and cheery flowers certainly made my day.  I can’t wait for the weather to settle here in Alberta so I can plant them in my garden.

The second and third images are from a bouquet of flowers I picked up for myself.  I know that sounds self serving, but purchasing myself  little bouquet of flowers every now and then is never a bad thing.

I love the second image because, after the unfocused exercise of the  Weekly Photography Challenge, I purposefully captured this pretty little carnation up close and out of focus.  I like the effect.

There is not a lot of purple in these flowers, and in all actuality it was the green pollen that caught my eye.  Still a pretty little flower.


13 thoughts on “52 Pick Up: Pick a Colour – Purple

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