Pic-a-Day – Sweet Treats

I resisted chocolate today! 

The calendar said ‘Tuesday’, but for everything that went wrong it might has well been Monday.  What I wanted when I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner, was a Peanut Butter Oh Henry.  What I bought instead were these sweet, red, juicy strawberries.  They were a tasty dessert, and one step closer to looking half decent in a bathingsuit this summer. 😉

Taken on my iPhone with Camera+


8 thoughts on “Pic-a-Day – Sweet Treats

  1. High-five on resistance! That’s why I went to the market to take pictures of sweets for sale 🙂 Ended up eating strawberries myself today. So sweet and refreshing! Nature’s little gifts!

      • Haha, you’re hilarious, Sherene! I know the situation with the bathing suit. With me, not only is it not pretty, but I can’t even FIT into mine!! I’ve put on 10 pounds since I’ve been in Oman. It seems these days every piece of food I eat attaches itself permanently to my body!! I love my books, so am happy to include them in any photograph that involves treats!

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