52 Pick Up – Week 19 (Silhouette) Review & This Week’s Photo Challenge

I hope the sun is shining in your world!

Judging from the many images you shared this week, I can almost make the assumption that it is!  The sun is most certainly shining for me on so many levels.

First of all I am blessed with the most amazing family!  Secondly, I continue to love my photo challenges and despite being incredibly busy, I love that it give me a reason to pick up a camera each and every day.  Then add in the reality that I am seriously astounded by the fact that I have over 300 followers and more than 9000 hits on my blog!  This blows my mind!  Lastly, the second historical education trip I am planning is just about ready to depart.

All in all, life is grand!

Here are the links to this week’s posts:

Thank you so much to everyone who checked out the 52 Pick Up Photo challenge and a special thanks to each participant who joined in.

Now to introduce this week’s challenge…..

Week 20: Motherhood/Mothering

In celebration of today being Mother’s Day (in North America at least), this week’s challenge is all about motherhood and mothering.  Your image may reflect what it means to be a mom.  Perhaps it will be images of your children or maybe there is a new furry or feathered mama close by who is trying to raise a new brood of babies.  As always, please interpret this challenge as you desire.  Be creative and have fun!

I can’t wait to see all of your images.

A small reminder about where to post

The best place to post your images for each week’s challenge is right here!  Just come back to the review page where I introduce the next challenge and post your links in the comment section.  That way visitors can quickly link to your page to see your photos.  It also makes it easier for me to find everyone’s post so I can add it to the review at the end of the week.  I would feel bad if I forgot anyone and some weeks it is like a wild goose chase to find everyone’s post.

Wishing each of you an amazing week!

~ Sherene


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