52 Pick Up – Week 20 (Motherhood) Review & This Week’s Photo Challenge

The days are getting longer. . . and busier

As the days get longer, so do our lives.  The weather is warming up and we all want to be outside enjoying the beautiful spring temperatures.  For me, this is also a busy time as the school year is starting to come to a close.  The final outdoor education trip departs on Tuesday (I’m so excited!) and when I return the last report card season will begin.

I can appreciate how busy you all must be, because I am facing the same predicament.  For that reason I value your participation in my little weekly challenge all the more.  Thank you ever so much to those of you who were able to participate this week.

Here are the links to this week’s posts:

  • Scrapydo shared an image of a special hug
  • Truth Above all Religions posted a series of images of a little camel and her mom
  • Fiztrainer was given the chance to photograph some of her special friends this week.
  • Rondomtalidraai posted a sweet little boy pic
  • Catbird in Oman shared an image of her with her boys. (a special photo as she doesn’t get to see them as often as she would like)
  • You are also welcome to read my posting on the challenge here.

Thank you so much to everyone who checked out the 52 Pick Up Photo challenge and a special thanks to each participant who joined in.  My sincere apologies if I missed anyone in the review.  Please let me know and I will make sure to update the post.

Now to introduce this week’s challenge…..

Week 21: Furry and Feathered Friends

This week is all in celebration of the animals around us.  Don’t feel that you are bound by feathers and fur; fish, lizards and amphibians can also count for this challenge.  As always, please interpret this challenge as you desire.  Be creative and have fun!

I can’t wait to see all of your images.

A small reminder about where to post

The best place to post your images for each week’s challenge is right here!  Just come back to the review page where I introduce the next challenge and post your links in the comment section.  That way visitors can quickly link to your page to see your photos.  It also makes it easier for me to find everyone’s post so I can add it to the review at the end of the week.  I would feel bad if I forgot anyone and some weeks it is like a wild goose chase to find everyone’s post.

Wishing each of you an amazing week!

~ Sherene


9 thoughts on “52 Pick Up – Week 20 (Motherhood) Review & This Week’s Photo Challenge

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  2. Here are my entries for the week (http://serendipityplus.wordpress.com/2012/05/24/52-pick-up-photo-challenge-week-21-feathered-and-furry-friends/). I’m also beginning from Week One (just for fun) and catching up on the ones I’ve missed. I worked on Week 1, 2, and 4 (for some reason I mixed up Week 4 as Week 3). They can be found here (http://serendipityplus.wordpress.com/2012/05/24/52-pick-up-photo-challenges/). Very challenging for me which I love. Thanks again that despite your busyness, you’ve continued to keep us going. 😀

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