Pic-a-Day: Catch up!

After time travelling back to the early 1900s I have returned to scramble in catching up with my blog.  Here are the Pic-a-Day images that were for this past week.

Day 22: What’s the Weather

This was our first day out at Fort Steele – cold and a bit dreary.  Unfortunately, the sun didn’t fully come out until the last day when it was time to return home.

Day 23: Something Old

These are some of the implements on display at the Blacksmith shop at Fort Steele Heritage Town.  This is always a favourite program as my students were each able to make their own nail.

Day 24: Look Up

This is looking up at the Windsor Hotel.  There are many interesting paranormal stories that are told about this building.  It is always the last building I take my students to on the evening ghost walk I do.  There is nothing better than trying to scare forty-five 13 year olds!  The hard part is trying to get them to go to sleep afterwards!!!!

Day 25: A Favourite Place

This is the Water Tower at Fort Steele.  You can climb up the many steps and look out over the entire town.

Day 26: Simple Beauty

What a treat!  On this morning the sun decided to poke its head out for a short amount of time and bathe the mountains in golden rays.  I wish that I had had my DSLR with me, but this will do.

Day 27: Rainbow of Colour

I’m home once again and scrambling to catch up on a small mountain of laundry!  Sorry but this is the best I can do for colour today.

All photos were taken on my iPhone using Camera+.  I used the following filters: Sepia, HDR, Polarize and Cross Process

I am a little behind in my weekly 52 Pick Up review so I will tell you the challenge for the week is Looking In


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