52 Pick Up – Looking In: My Fascination with History

Why is history so facinating?

Is it because there is a sense of mystery and intrigue in that no matter how hard you try, you can never really learn the whole story.  By its very nature history is based on hearsay and biased storytelling.  Or does our fascination stem from the fact that in our current age of technological advancement, we simply can’t comprehend a life without all of our gadgets that are supposed to make our lives more streamlined and simpler?  Or, do we realize that many of our technological advancements have made our lives more complex and we simply long for simpler times?

I don’t have an answer, but I do know this.  Over the course of my teaching career, I have somehow turned into a history enthusiast.  When I first started teaching, I was a science teacher.  Then I started a job in a small rural school and needed to become more of a generalist.  I remember the internal groan I issued when I was told I would have to teach Canadian history.  All I could envision were long drawn out lectures of dates and pointless facts.  In preparation for my lessons I began to learn the stories, not facts, of our history.  I kept digging and digging into our past and was amazing at the tenacity, fortitude and sometimes insanity of the many who authored the story of our great country.  Then I invited my students to join me in digging.  It has been an amazing journey.

My photos this week are looking into the past of Fort Steele.  One of the elements of this historical site that continues to draw me in, is that to walk through the town you are surrounded by both restored and decaying buildings.  As I stand gazing into these structures I often wonder about the stories that are held within the walls of these historical bastions.  If I lean in close enough I can almost hear the whispers of love, deceit, honour and tenacity.

In my view, to listen to these whispers is to learn a little more about yourself.

Note:  All images below were processed using Vintage Half Tone action by Pure Photoshop Actions

Fort Steele – Bakery Front
The old bakery at Fort Steele. This building sits beside the current bakery where you can purchase the most delicious of treats

Fort Steele – Bakery Side
Walking down the length of the decaying bakery you can sneak a peek inside the boarded up window.

Fort Steele – Bakery Back

Fort Steele – Decaying Blacksmith

Fort Steele – Blacksmith Shop
Tools and implements inside the working blacksmith shop

Fort Steele – Fur Trade Post
The furs on display outside the North West Company fur trade post. Stop by to visit with Grizz to learn all of the stories about David Thompson

Fort Steele – Lambi House
The Lambi house is one of the restored homes at Fort Steele. You can stop in and sample a wee bit of cornbread or home made ice cream

Fort Steele – Decaying Shed
This is a decaying shed at the back of the Windsor Hotel at Fort Steele.

Fort Steele – Decaying Shed Full
This is a full view of the shed at the back Fort Steele. I look at this listing building and wonder at its story

Fort Steele – Decaying Home
I don’t have the story of this house, but I found the nails sticking out of the side of the building quite interesting.

Fort Steele – Window
Again, I’m unsure of the original purpose of this building, but I loved the dirt frosted broken window

Fort Steele – Decaying Roof
This is the roof of the building with the broken window. The rusting nails and moss encrusted surface was beautiful

Fort Steele – Waterwheel
The waterwheel is one of the long standing structures at the Fort. I love the fact that you can see it looming on the ridge from the highway


12 thoughts on “52 Pick Up – Looking In: My Fascination with History

  1. How fortunate your students are to have a teacher the looks for the people and soul behind the dates and events. i have marveled over the years how quickly nature can take back even the grandest buildings.

  2. very beautiful pictures! [not the furs, though :-)] and great post: I felt the same way about “my history” when I walked on the colosseum steps in Rome, thinking that I may have stepped right where Julius Caesar did……

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