Pug Bubbles

Our little Daisy LOVES water.  I have never met a pug that loves water as much as she does.  She will drink from the hose, watering can and even the sprinkler.  When the sprinkler is on she runs around like … Continue reading

52 Pick Up – Flowers

“Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity.”  ~ John Ruskin If this is the case then my flowers certainly live up to their destiny, for they bring me joy on so many levels.  From the first green sprouts forcing their … Continue reading

52 Pick Up – Week 28 (Playing with the Sun) and Week 29 (Obsessions) Review & This Week’s Photo Challenge

My apologies…

Between a variety of summer adventures and a horrid summer cold that knocked me down for a few days, I have been woefully negligent in keeping up with my blog.  That being said, we are heading off on another whirlwind adventure at the end of the week, so I will be sharing the next two week`s challenges at the end of this post.  I can`t wait to see all of your submissions when I return.

Thank you ever so much to those of you who were able to participate these past couple of weeks.  It is my hope that I haven’t missed anyone, but if I did please let me know.

Here are the links to week 28’s posts:

  • Cardinal Guzman joined in for the first time with mirrored reflections of the sun
  • Truth Above all Religions share beautiful images of the sun playing with the clouds, not to mention a stunning sunset
  • LoveMore Studio presented a thoughtful photo and poetry composition
  • Scrapydo shared a series of photos of a wee pup playing in the sun
  • You are also welcome to read my posting on the challenge here.

Here are the links to weeks 29’s posts:

  • LoveMore Studio explored the feelings of obsession through photography and poetry
  • Marina shared an obsession with fountain pens
  • You are also welcome to read my posting on the challenge here.

Thank you so much to everyone who checked out the 52 Pick Up Photo challenge and a special thanks to each participant who joined in.

Now to introduce the next two week’s challenges…..

Week 30: Flowers

Week 31: Family

As always, be creative and have fun!  I can’t wait to see all of your images.

Remember to post your images for this challenge in the comment section below!

Wishing each of you an amazing week!

~ Sherene

52 Pick Up: Obsessions – Lilies

One could argue that my flower garden is my obsession, but if you really want to get down to the crux of the matter, my lilies are my true obsession. They took a bit of a beating this year because … Continue reading

Mother & Daughter Session

I loved this session from beginning to end!  A few weeks back I had the pleasure of photographing one of my dearest friends and her two daughters.  These three beautiful ladies were full of laughter and fun.  From beginning to … Continue reading

52 Pick Up: Playing with the Sun

When I started the week, these are not the images I had envisioned taking to represent the photo challenge theme.  Once again, I am delighted that things turned out the way they did. For the most part the weather was … Continue reading

Who Holds the Key?

A mid day pondering: If the gate is locked, who is deemed worthy to hold the key?

Pic-a-Day 07/11 What’s for Lunch

So back in the pool again this morning and to go with this new – fit into my jeans again kick – my lunch was pretty healthy.  Lean turkey on corn thins with a slice of tomato on top.  Kiwi and fresh veggies on the side.  I also had a  nice cool glass of almond milk.  All in all, pretty tasty.