52 Pick Up: Playing with Light

I have no witty words of wisdom or thoughtful reflections this week.  School is finished and after writing more than 17,000 words for report cards, I am simply happy to post some photos of flowers from my hanging pots.

I purposefully overexposed the first image as I was looking for an ethereal glow of sunlight through the petals.  The second, I pulled the exposure back a bit but wanted a shorter focal length to really focus in on the bright yellow of the bloom.  I did little with the colour versions of these images, as I had achieved what I was hoping to with just my camera.  I then decided to process them using Paint The Moon’s Basic B&W Action.  I added the warming filter and again was quite happy with the effect.  I’m not sure which I prefer more; the colour or B&W versions.  They are both beautiful in their own way.


13 thoughts on “52 Pick Up: Playing with Light

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