Pic-a-Day 07/02 A Bad Habit

We all possess this habit, to one degree or another, but my youngest daughter is by far the biggest culprit!  This image was not taken in my kitchen, nor my laundry room and yet there are dishes and heaven forbid  a pair of balled up dirty socks found here.  This is a side table found in our TV room.  Despite multiple warnings, and punishments she just cannot seem to stop the incessant oozing of crap.  You can almost follow her pathway through the house as she leaves little girl detritus everywhere she goes, but the TV room is by far the worst.  This is a bad habit that we continuously work on, and never seem to make any headway.  As a result of this, she has justly earned the nickname of Little Pigpen.

Photo Stats: Nikon D80 (manual/ RAW) , ISO 640 , 1/60s, F3.5

4 thoughts on “Pic-a-Day 07/02 A Bad Habit

  1. LOL! You know what’s actually funny about this is my first thought was, “Gosh, I miss this!” Nuts, right? My oldest used to be a pack rat. I would go into her room to clean and find papers and sticks and rocks and … gosh everything tucked behind and under her bed. Everyday it was the same deal, “Vanessa, you gotta stop throwing stuff behind your bed. Find a box!” (And, of course, you know I absolutely said it this nicely … LOL) But, now I read this post and I find I’m missing this. It all passes too quickly. 😀

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