52 Pick Up – Week 27 (Take a Drive) Review & This Week’s Photo Challenge

Oops, I forgot something!

Sorry, my 52 Pick Up crew, but I completely missed posting the review for the week!  Apparently all of this relaxing has turned my brain to mush.  So it may be a little late, but here is the review of last week’s challenge.  As always the new challenge is at the end of the review.

On the note of posting the review a little late, it will be late next week too as I will be a little busy with some summertime fun with my family, this weekend.

Thank you ever so much to those of you who were able to participate this past week.  It is my hope that I haven’t missed anyone, but if I did please let me know.

Here are the links to week 27’s posts:

  • Marina was the first to post with a fantastic image of a 17 mile bridge
  • Truth Above all Religions got out for a drive that resulted in images of an awesome tree
  • Scrapydo took a drive down memory lane
  • Love More Studio took a ride and a hike to capture their image of the mountains
  • Cee also posted some images of the mountains
  • I feel bad because I missed fiztrainer‘s post the first time around.  It is a stunning image of a beautiful stain glass window
  • You are also welcome to read my posting on the challenge here.

Thank you so much to everyone who checked out the 52 Pick Up Photo challenge and a special thanks to each participant who joined in.

Now to introduce this week’s challenge…..

Week 28: Playing with the Sun

I hope the sun is shining in your part of the world, because it is beating down on Alberta with relentless heat right now.  I’m loving it!  This week your challenge is to get out there and enjoy the sun as well as use the sun creatively in your photos.  Look for interesting shadows, catch a sun flare, have another go at silhouettes or stay up late for a beautiful sunset.

As always, be creative and have fun!  I can’t wait to see all of your images.

Remember to post your images for this challenge in the comment section below!

Wishing each of you an amazing week!

~ Sherene


7 thoughts on “52 Pick Up – Week 27 (Take a Drive) Review & This Week’s Photo Challenge

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