52 Pick Up: Playing with the Sun

When I started the week, these are not the images I had envisioned taking to represent the photo challenge theme.  Once again, I am delighted that things turned out the way they did.

For the most part the weather was hot and muggy all week, and as the week progressed it only became more hot and more muggy.  In dry Alberta we are usually guaranteed a week of scorching weather, but the mugginess is a rarity.  By Thursday evening we were all suffering from a malaise and grumpiness that can only come from a prickly heat that leaves you covered in sweat.  The weather forecast called for evening thunder storms, and by supper time it appeared as if mother nature would not disappoint.  Unfortunately the short lived rainfall did little to cool the swealtering heat.  Mother nature did not leave a gift of cool relief, but rather a distraction from the prickly heat in the form of a spectacular light show.

It started with the double rainbow right outside my door.  I had stepped outside to hopefully catch a bit of the breeze in my hair, and there it was glimmering in the distance.  Ignoring the relentless buzz of mosquitoes in my ear, I scampered over to the green space to capture the fleeting colours.

Returning home, I picked up my task of preparing for our weekend trip, only to be soon distracted by a golden light that permeated the room around me.  I once again stepped outside my door, and was this time surprised to see the world enveloped in a golden light I had never witnessed before.  Shoes and bug spray were again a second thought as I grabbed my camera once again and started snapping away.

The colours and beauty simply took my breath way.


13 thoughts on “52 Pick Up: Playing with the Sun

  1. Oh wow….these photos are absolutely splendid ! I have never seen a sky like that, it’s superb ! My favourites are the photos of the grass (soooo beautiful) and the leaves.

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