Crossroads – A Haiku

tracks at a switch point the destination unsure worth the adventure

Neil Armstrong – Thank you for daring to reach for the stars!

Image copyright 2012 – Sherene Schmidtler

52 Pick Up – Water: Ultimate Destruction (On a Small Scale)

My family single handedly destroyed a town last week! That being said, I will qualify the above statement with the fact that no individuals were harmed in the destruction. Truth be told this was one of those magical teachable moments … Continue reading


While on a recent holiday in the Okanagan, I was out for a photo walk and I stumbled on these two insects.  Obviously the little honey bee was going to be lunch for the… hmmm… I have no idea what … Continue reading

Rock the Shot Macro Photo Challenge – Catching Some Rays

While splashing in Flathead Lake, during a recent vacation, my girls rescued this dragonfly from the water.  It was completely waterlogged so they set it down on the beach mat to catch some sunny rays to dry off. My only … Continue reading

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge: Pet Faces

I call this photo I’m Sorry This is a common expression on our little marshmallow pug, Daisy.  She is bright, exuberant and often in trouble.  So I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of her “I’m sorry” face. On any given day she … Continue reading