I Heart Faces Photo Challenge: Pet Faces

I call this photo I’m Sorry

This is a common expression on our little marshmallow pug, Daisy.  She is bright, exuberant and often in trouble.  So I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of her “I’m sorry” face.

On any given day she could be saying any of the following:

I’m Sorry I…

…pulled recycling out of the bins and proceeded to spread it all over the living room

… ate the rest of the chips you so errantly left on the coffee table

… left you ‘a present’ by the back door instead of outside

… brought in yet another rock from outside.  They are just so tasty

… took up all of the space on the bed while you were trying to sleep

… scratched your bare legs with my claws.  I just love you so much and you weren’t paying me enough attention

… sneezed in your face and left pug slobber on your glasses

… left behind a cloud of lingering odour when I left the room.

… chewed on whatever it was that you are now angry about.  EVERYTHING is just so tasty

… snored last night and kept you awake

… jumped into the dishwasher.  I was just trying to sample some of your dinner that you refused to share with me

… I hid you flip-flop under your bed, but I knew you would be angry that I was eating the sequins off the strap

… snorted at you when you were angry with me

… jumped on your face to wake you up this morning.  I just wanted to play

… nibbled on the chair below you while you were trying to write this

The above image is submitted to this month’s I Heart Faces photo challenge.

Photo Challenge Submission


11 thoughts on “I Heart Faces Photo Challenge: Pet Faces

  1. sorry to hear about your problem….. i’m just a lovely doggy…. just love me. Very nice… everyone with a dog knows such faces….. adorable though…. catti

  2. Beautiful shot of an adorable puppy! You really captured Daisy’s expression. I want to add “I’m sorry for rolling all over the outfit that you just laid out on the bed and covering it in fur!”

  3. LOL! Oh the “I’m sorry’s” I could list for my beloved cat, Cleo, but I get the feeling that my little princess is never sorry! 🙂 Wonderful photo and I can see why you love her so (and why she gets away with all that!) 🙂

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