Rock the Shot Macro Photo Challenge – Catching Some Rays

While splashing in Flathead Lake, during a recent vacation, my girls rescued this dragonfly from the water.  It was completely waterlogged so they set it down on the beach mat to catch some sunny rays to dry off.

My only wish was that I had my macro lens with me at the time.

This photo is entered in the Rock The Shot (

August Photo Challenge: Macro Photography


7 thoughts on “Rock the Shot Macro Photo Challenge – Catching Some Rays

  1. I think this was close enough! I’m guessing you use a SLR camera since you didn’t have the lens you wanted with you? I’m in the market for a new camera and was thinking of a DSLR but then I think a good point and shoot with a long zoom will cover everything for me?

    • This was taken with my NIkon D80 and the 18-70 mm lens. What I wanted was my macro lens. I also took some with my iPhone that turned out pretty good too. It was all about getting the right angle to capture its beauty. I guess when it comes to choosing a new camera you have to ask yourself what are hoping to achieve with it. I generally carry a point and shot to capture the quick day to day stuff and pull out the DSLR for photographing flowers, insects, portraits or anything I may want to print and frame. I do love my Nikon though!

  2. I can commiserate with your daughters! We rescue many a dragonfly (and damselfly) from our pool. Sadly, many do not survive but some do. I’ve often wondered what it is about the dunking that does them in. Sometimes we get them out within milliseconds and they still perish. Could be the chemicals, I suppose. It’s a mystery for sure.

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