52 Pick Up: Sunflare – My Love Affair with the Sun

I love the sun!

I love the vast array of colours colours of light it produces, the shadows it makes and most of all the HEAT!

I’m a perpetually cold person – not in personality but in general temperature.  I’m the one wearing a sweater when everyone else is dressed in T-shirts and shorts.  For whatever the reason, I simply don’t warm up as quickly as the rest of the world’s population.  On the flip side, when everyone is melting in the heat I am finally just right.  You will rarely hear me complain about the heat!  Only once have I met my match in the sun and heat department and that was the July my husband and I travelled to Vegas and decided to take a day trip to The Hoover Dam.  Of course it made perfect sense to do this on the afternoon there were heat warnings!  The sun baking down on the concrete only exacerbated the soaring temperatures that was hovering around 118 degrees Fahrenheit!  By the time we had walked down from the parking lot, snapped a few photos as we crossed the dam, and then walked back up the hill I was begging for mercy!

Generally, I spend most of summer trying to recharge my solar cell in preparation for the long cooler months ahead.  My husband often jokes that I drop the ambient heat temperature as I absorb every last bit of heat I can.

We were quite blessed in Alberta this year, as we were gifted with many hot sunny days.  As a result it was easy to capture the many facets of the sun.  I love the photo below as it captured an almost perfect globular ring around the sun streaming through the trees.


5 thoughts on “52 Pick Up: Sunflare – My Love Affair with the Sun

  1. We are alike in our love of the heat! I will take being warm over cold ANY day. I havg onto summer with both hands and dread the winter season. I need to move to a warmer climate for sure. Great post!

  2. I loved post! I am SUCH a sun person myself. Everything you stated is exactly how I am. Sometimes I get cold in my building and when my guys come in and see me in a thick coat they want to throw things at me… i get it, it is the middle of July. I love the sun and could do without the winter.

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