52 Pick Up – Reflections: After the Storm

As I have mentioned in previous posts, Alberta has enjoyed some lovely weather this summer.  We have also weathered some pretty crazy storms that have pelted us in the form of property destroying winds, hail and rain.

Two weeks ago, my husband called in the late afternoon with instructions to, “Batten down the hatches”!  He relayed how something that looked like a tornado had just passed his window and that it was headed our way. . . fast!  I had enough time to pick up anything in the yard that might blow away (last wind storm I ended up chasing a large blow up ball down the street in the driving rain, and I didn’t feel like repeating the exercise) before the rain started.  I scrambled inside just as the wind picked up and began to slam the rain into the side of the house.  I yelled upstairs for my eldest daughter to start closing windows, while I hurried around the main level to do the same.  Then we stood by the window and watched Mother Nature trash our yard!  I was certain the neighbour’s columnar aspens were going to snap off as they were blowing horizontal over your shared fence!  I was just happy that no one in the neighbourhood lost their trampoline this time.  The worst hit was our gazebo.  The wind blew the entire structure more than a foot and a half and the roof was ripped to shreds!  This was the second gazebo we have lost to the wind in four years.  I also believe it will be the last gazebo we every buy!

The final major area of damage was our apple tree.   The two pictures below are a reflection of our apple tree in the rain left on the deck from the storm the day before.  I was happy to see apples remaining on the tree as a number of the limbs were snapped in the wind, and the grass below was littered with bruised fruit that had been ripped from their anchoring points.

On a positive note, they made excellent apple juice!


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