52 Pick Up – Water: Ultimate Destruction (On a Small Scale)

My family single handedly destroyed a town last week!

That being said, I will qualify the above statement with the fact that no individuals were harmed in the destruction.

Truth be told this was one of those magical teachable moments that disguised itself as a whole lot of fun.  It all started with our annual trip to Kingfisher Fish Hatchery in British Columbia.  Years ago, we were lucky enough to find a small section of sandy beach adjacent to a calm point bar of the Shuswap River where we could all safely play in the water.  Each year we return there to hold witness to how the landscape changes due to spring run off and flooding.  That in itself is pretty cool to share with the girls, but this sandy beach is also a run off point for an underground stream that cuts away at the sand.

We decided to have a bit of fun and tried to dam the steady trickle of icy water.  We all played a role in the building process and tried a variety of dam designs.  Some were constructed only out of sand, others included rocks and sticks and we even tried to line the reservoir with leaves.  This was all in a futile attempt at holding back the water.

Once the layers of dams and reservoirs were built the girls would place a stick or rock down as a symbolic town and then we would stand back and wait for the impending destruction.  We never had to wait long due to the fact that the stream had a steady flow rate and most importantly, we were lousy at dam construction!

What was so amazing, was how once there was a small breach of the sides, it was only a matter of seconds before the entire structure failed and the town washed away in the outflow of water.

After the torrent of rushing water, all that would be left was a deep channel cut into the sand for the water to once again peacefully flow outward to the river.

Of course that just gave us reason to try a new design!


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