52 Pick Up: Trees – Survival (Against the Odds)

We just about killed our maple tree last year!  I had always wanted a maple tree and last summer we just about killed it.

We planted our little tree in the spring and faithfully watered, fertilized and cared for it… right up until our summer vacation that is.  We had arranged for a friend to water the flowers in the front, but completely forgot to mention the maple tree in the back.  Oops.  Wouldn’t you know it, but that was the hottest week in Alberta and by the time we returned home, the leaves were brown and shrivelled.  My heart sank and all I could hope for was that we could revive it.  After much pampering through the fall, new foliage began to sprout.  We had to trim a few dead spots this spring,  but overall we were quite lucky in how it bounced back from last summer’s drought week.

Therefore these glorious leaves are all the sweeter to enjoy!

I absolutely love the red leaf stems.  This is such a pretty tree, I will admit I go outside and enjoy its beauty everyday.

Already the leaves are starting to fall.  I’m looking forward to seeing vibrant colours over the next few weeks.

I just couldn’t resist this photo!  It looks like our maple tree has a belly button!


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