52 Pick Up: Temptation – If the Shoe Fits…

To listen to my husband one would be lead to believe that I have a horrific shoe obsession.

I don’t…

Really I don’t…

Okay, maybe a just little.

I really do love shoes.  Walking into a shoes store is like walking into a candy store.  It is just far too tempting!

I love how, next to jewellery, they are the finishing touch to any outfit.  For that very reason one should have more than a few pairs of shoes.  I have more than 5 pairs of earrings, so in my mind it is justifiable that I have more than 5 pairs of shoes.

The problem is, it has recently come to my husband’s attention that I own waaaaaaaay more than 5 pairs of shoes.  Honestly, it’s not like I was hiding them.  With all seriousness, I have no idea how we have been together for 23 years and he is just now becoming aware as to how much I love shoes.  It is not just that I love shoes, but I also have a really hard time parting with them.  Even when they are tattered with split soles and I don’t wear them any more.  My shoes are not only the final touch to my outfit for the day, but they also hold snippets of memories for me too.

Up until a week ago, I still had the shoes I wore the day my husband proposed to me.  I have shoes from a variety of Christmas parties we have attended, and from when I was pregnant.  It is silly I know, but when I come across an old pair of shoes I know the stories behind them.  I remember the steps I walked pushing sleepy headed toddlers in strollers.  I remember date nights and days spent teaching.  I know the shoes I was wearing at the funerals of my grandmother, grandfather, father-in-law and most recently my cousin.  I remember trips to the zoo, camping and walks to the park.  I know the shoes I wore when I stepped off the plane into the Nevada heat when my husband took be to Vegas.  It is somewhat impossible to try and explain how my shoes have somehow become linked to my life’s memories and stories, but they have.

I have a hard time parting with old shoes, because they hold these memories.  On the other hand, I love new shoes because of the promise of new memories and adventure they hold.  All in all it is perfect storm that has resulted in my possession of far too many shoes.

It all came to light about a week ago when my dear husband was in the mud room helping me tidy up.  All of a sudden a flash of horrified realization came into his eyes as he put two and two together.  The gig was up as he became fully aware as to the contents of the many storage baskets in the room.  Rightfully so, he was a little upset. We are desperately trying to clean out unwanted and unneeded belongings and here I am essentially “hoarding” shoes.   This enlightenment brought about his frustration, and my pathetic attempts at trying to justify my shoe collection that in the end resulted in my discarding multiple pairs of shoes.

Anything old, tattered, broken and unworn went.  As my memory laden shoes tumbled into the garbage bag I worked hard at not thinking about why it bothered me so much.  But it did bother me.  In fact it bothered me more than it should have.  Admittedly, I think horribly when I am upset and it isn’t until later that I am able to mull through my thoughts and emotions and sort things out.

Discarding my old shoes was needed.

Memories are not held in belongings.  They are held in our hearts.  I would rather have a heart that is full of memories than a closet that is full of shoes.


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