3+1= A Growing Family!

This session was the first of many that have kept me busy over the last three weeks!  I have had the pleasure of photographing this little princess since she was a year old and it was wonderful to capture the entire family as they enjoyed a fall walk.  In fact she made my day when she ran toward me at full tilt calling, “Auntie Reen, Auntie Reen!”

Little missy was happy to give me a little grin here and there, but most of all she just wanted to play; so of course that is what we let her do!  She loved playing in a little pile of sand we found, running with the unicorn, walking across the log and playing jump frog.  I absolutely love the images I captured of her while she was discussing their dinner plans.  She was so serious with her hands pressed against her cheeks as she tired to convince her daddy that McDonald’s was the venue of choice.

Mom wasn’t quite ready for official baby bump photos, so I captured a few pics with a little set of baby booties.  I can’t wait for December when we will do the official bump shots!




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