52 Pick Up – Colours: A Reason to Love Fall

There are plenty of reasons to bemoan the fact that summer is over and how the cold breath of impending winter brings a sudden chill to they air.  But with those lengthening days and heavier clothes one can’t help but notice the wash of colour that is all around.  The vibrant yellows and brilliant reds that are suddenly blazing in the low hanging sun are simply hard to miss.

Last year we didn’t get to see the maple tree in its fall dress as we had all but killed it during the summer.  This year, I waited with anticipation to bear witness to the changing of the seasons as our little maple traded its brilliant green foliage for shades of orange and red.


I peeked out the window each day hoping that the fluttering leaves would hang on long enough to change colour.  This week I was so excited to capture our little maple tree’s autumn colours in all their blazing glory.  Unfortunately, a brisk wind rose up the day after this photo was taken and stripped our little tree of its colourful gown.

It makes me a little sad to know that now it will stand bare until spring.




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