Finding the Blessings in Winter

frozen rose hoar frost

I can relate to this poor frozen rose.

I too am feeling a little frozen and caught off guard by the sudden arrival of winter.  Winter struck hard and fast in Alberta.  One day the glorious sun was shining down upon golden leaves and then the next we were wrapped in a winter blanket of frost and snow.  Having lived in Alberta my entire life one could ask how this sudden transition from sun to snow always seems to catch me off guard.  It does though.    The cold bite of chilled air results in me begrudgingly digging out the sweaters, scarves, boots and mittens.  I dig out the heated bed warmer and sweet talk my husband into dragging  the space heater up from the basement.

Recently my husband informed me that any body part further than 5 inches from my heart is cold.  He said it jokingly, but there is an element of truth to his words.  For the next 6 months I will live in a continued state of chilled fingers, feet and nose.

Despite my complaining, I’m trying to look on the positive side of winter.  My fingers may be frosty, but that doesn’t mean my attitude needs to be the same.  So far I have managed to come up with a few positives to winter:

♥  I have a reason to wear all of my snuggly scarves in rich earthy colours

♥  Shorter days means I don’t feel the need to do yard work until 10 pm

♥  I can dig out the slow cooker and enjoy stews and soups to my heart’s content

♥  I’m actually awake to appreciate the glorious colours of the sunrise

♥  All the more reason to cuddle up with my husband

♥  The mountains in their winter dress are stunning

♥  I don’t feel guilty about crawling into bed early – the sun went down HOURS ago

♥  I can look forward to our annual ski trip

and last but certainly not least…

♥  Swimsuit season is months and months away


4 thoughts on “Finding the Blessings in Winter

  1. My friend up in GP was saying how she has had to shovel snow off her drive numerous times this week. I envy you a bit. Here in Vancouver, it’s rain!!! Would love a photo of the mountains in the winter. That would be spectacular.

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