Rock The Shot – December Photo Challenge: Christmas Tree

reflection in Christmas tree ornamentNikon D80, Manual, 60 mm lens, ISO 1600, f3.3, 1/2, exposure +5, Manual focus

I loved the challenge of taking this image.  It all started with me sitting in front of my fireplace. Our afternoon guests had left, my husband and I had finished cleaning up and we were sitting down to relax by the tree.  The lights were out except for the tree and garland.

As I sat there soaking up the heat, I noticed the fabulous reflection of the tree in one of the glass balls decorating the coffee table.  I have a simple arrangement of vanilla candles on a brass plate that I have further decorated with gold and red glass ornaments.  As we sat there visiting and reflecting upon the day, I became so taken by the reflection of the tree in one of the ornaments that I was actually having a hard time concentrating on our conversation.  My mind was already fixing my camera settings and composing the shot.

There was no other way around it, I had to take this photo.  I set my camera up on the coffee table, crooking my neck so that I could compose and focus.  In hindsight, I think next time I would use the tripod, but I was just so focused in getting the shot I just used the coffee table.  My husband laughed a little as I set the timer and then dropped down on the floor so that I wouldn’t be in the shot.

As far as processing, I added a slight sharpening to bring out the detail.  I didn’t have to do anything with the colour and tone, because it was so soft and creamy to begin with.  The biggest bother was taking out the reflection of my camera in the ball.  That proved to be a bit of a challenge, but I’m not sure how I could get around that issue as I had the camera so close to the ball to begin with.

I enjoyed the challenge of this photo, and I was thrilled when I stumbled upon the Rock The Shot Photo Challenge (  I feel this image fits the challenge perfectly.



8 thoughts on “Rock The Shot – December Photo Challenge: Christmas Tree

  1. There’s something about seeing the reflection of Christmas lights on any glass surface that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. The fact that it’s on a Christmas ornament makes it all the more special.

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