52 Pick Up: In the Kitchen – My Little Foodie

2012 will be known as the year my youngest daughter honed her skills in the kitchen.

Ever since my girls were old enough to understand easy directions I have had them in the kitchen with me.  They both learned how to crack an egg and level dry ingredients before they started kindergarten.  Over the years I have swept more flour off of the floor than you can imagine, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My youngest daughter has demonstrated an incredible aptitude for all things culinary and we have done our best to encourage this skill.  While her friends are watching Family Channel, she is writing down recipes from the Food Network.  She has reached such a level of comfort in the kitchen that I often need to reminder her to not turn the oven on while I am out.

We were so proud of her this year as she offered to meal plan and cook the occasional for us.  She always handled herself with grace and style and would take great pride in not only her menu but also in her special presentation touches.

cooking supper

Her skill reached such a level that she did all of the Christmas baking this year.  She scoured through cookbooks, made a shopping list, joined me at the grocery store and then proceeded to kick us all out of the kitchen.  I think it is fair to remind you all that she is just ten years old!   She made  two types of squares, three types of cookies and two batches of fudge.  Much to my delight, she was also able to independently convert most of the recipes into gluten free versions!  Not only did she do all of the Christmas baking, while she was in the kitchen she also baked each of us a treat for our Christmas gift.

Her love for baking and cooking amazes me every day.  I know there are many little girls out there who may say they want to open a bakery when they grow up, but when it comes to my daughter I really believe she will make it happen.  She doesn’t just talk about it – she plans for it.  Not only does she have a name already chosen, she is already talking about location and menu items.  I think the final nail that drove home just how serious she is about this venture was when she started talking about health inspections and food safety issues.  I just don’t know any other ten year old who is thinking about things such as this.

Needless to say, my husband and I encourage her at every turn.  She gets items such as cookbooks and measuring spoons as gifts and we are already looking into culinary schools we could send her to when she is finished high school.

She is my little foodie, through and through but at the end of the day I sure do wish she wouldn’t just leave the dirty dishes in the sink – perhaps she’s figured out she will just hire someone to do the dishes for her.

dirty dishes in the sink


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  1. For some reason it won’t let me follow your blog by email. It keeps saying my email is invalid but I’ve tried like 4 different email addresses and none of them will work. Any idea why? I’d love to follow so I can participate in the 52 pickup and other challenges 🙂

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