52 Pick Up: Joy!

I love Christmas!

I love the lights, decorations, special treats and most of all the time I get to spend with my family.  My husband always takes two weeks  holidays so the four of us get to enjoy the entire holiday season together.  For some reason, our Christmas vacation has a different feel then any summer vacation.  The very fact that it is cold outside probably has something to do with it.  It is a perfect reason to turn on the fireplace and simply enjoy the warmth of not only our cozy home but also the warmth that comes from being with the ones you love.

The images below are a perfect example of how my family celebrates Christmas with simple joy.  There are new pjs, enjoying the lights of the tree, watching Christmas specials and setting out cookies and milk.  Our traditional sprinkling of reindeer sparkles somehow turned into a sparkle fight on the front lawn.  The quote of the night came from my eldest, “I love this!  I’m sitting here in my footie pyjamas, watching Christmas movies with my braces, smiling like an idiot!”  It was just one of those silly family moments that make you smile.xmaseveblog

Christmas morning was a continuation of our family joy.  Our youngest had us all up by 7 am and the gift extravaganza began.  Everyone found something a little special under the tree that made them smile.  There was 1D, new clothes, a vinyl to digital player and for me a T-shirt that says, “Don’t Make Me Use My Teacher Voice!”  Even the dogs enjoyed their Christmas treat!   xmasblog

My husband then picked up his mom and she joined us for the Christmas dinner.  It may not seem like much, but to us it was everything.

We are a simple family.  It isn’t the gifts that bring the joy but rather the time we have together.

Wishing you all an abundance of simply joy in the upcoming year.


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