A Love Hate Relationship

When your head is pounding, it is hard to fully appreciate the melting waters of winter’s icy grip.

water down spout print sense photography

Anyone living in the foothills of Alberta know how Chinook winds can turn an icy world into slush in a matter of hours.  The winds whip up, as the welcomed Chinook arc stretches across the prairie sky.  The rapid rise in temperature brings about the need for wind shield washer fluid and a desire for Slurpees.

For some though, the rapid shift in barometric pressure and intense rise in temperatures can bring on the most intense of headaches.

It is not a migraine.

It is not a regular “run of the mill’ headache.

A Chinook headache is a bounding cap of pressure that encompasses your entire head.  Advil, Tylenol and Aleve generally bring it to a dull roar.  A Chinook headache makes it hard to think.  When in the grip of its pounding you almost wish for the return of colder temperatures.


Usually I just double up on meds, deal with it and head outside with my jacket undone to soak up some of the sun’s blessed heat.

A Chinook headache sucks, but missing out on warmer temperatures  is worse.



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