Little Blossoms – Babies are Like Flowers

I have come to a simple conclusion, photographing a newborn is like photographing a fresh new blossom in a spring garden.  With each shift of your angle you discover a delicate new feature.

Curled fingers

That little nub on their upper lip

Tiny prints on tiny toes

newborn girl photos

Recently I had the utmost pleasure of photographing the newest princess of a dear friend of mine.  I have had the pleasure of photographing her older sisters since she was a year and a half old, and I am looking forward to being able to document the story of this little princess too.

It felt like I was moving in as I carried in baskets, blankets, bean bags and the rest of my gear.  In the end I used about half of it, but I would rather be prepared then wishing I had a certain wrap or headband.  Mom had this little princess all snug and fed when I arrived and Princess Katie was only too happy to sleep through the entire session.   Truly, she was an absolute dream to photograph as she slept through headbands, tutus, wraps and cocoons.  Each time I moved this little missy I was met with new sweet details to capture.

katieblog wbSleep little princess, I can’t wait until you are in front of my lens again.


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