Spring Photos for Princess P and Prince T

And the winner is…..

This session was for one of the winners of my Facebook – Feel the Love contest in February.

What fun I had with these two little ones.  Princess P was my special helper throughout the entire session and was curious from the second I walked through the door to see what I had in my suitcase and treasure chest.  Prince T was a happy easy-going little man who just wanted to be part of the action.

Print-Sense Photography, mustache photobooth toddlerPrint-Sense Photography, infant boy photos

We played, giggled and had treats all while my camera clicked away.  I was so proud when mom announced that I was the first photographer who was able to get her daughter to smile!

Print-Sense Photography, toddler girl photosPrint-Sense Photography, lace crown, toddler girl photo

The one photo that mom had requested was a nice image of the two little ones together.  I was able to get them hugging and having a tea party, but getting these two busy little ones to sit for a “nice” photo proved to be a little more difficult.

Print-Sense Photography, sibling photo


In the end, I created a composite image of the two of them from three separate images.  I’m quite proud of the result.  I guarantee my clients will be happy with their images, so this was a perfect example of going the extra mile to create an image for mom that she would love.


Print-Sense Photography, sibling composite photo

I love making the photo goodies almost as much as I love taking the photos.  First off I made Princess P her little lace crown.  I’ve decided that all of my little princesses need to be given a crown.  As far a my little princes, I think I might start to make them little bow ties.

With the finalized photos,  I also designed a storyboard, key chain and personalized accordion album.

Print-Sense Photography, storyboard designThis was such a fun photo session and I so enjoyed the time I had playing with these two little ones as well as visiting with mom.  I look forward to capturing this beautiful family again.



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