Don’t Stop Having Fun!

“Don’t stop having fun when you get older because you will get older when you stop having fun.”

Print-Sense Photography family reunion photos

This fun-loving family lives and breathes this quote.

I had the pleasure of spending an evening with this quick-witted bunch where the jokes and resulting laughter made it difficult to hold my camera still!  More often than not I had to pause while we all got our giggles in check so that we could capture the images they desired.

It had been a number of years since they had been together to take family photos and I must say I felt so very privileged to have been able to capture the love and laughter that flowed so easily amongst all of them.  There are so many different family dynamics that I have witnessed, but after spending time with this happy crew it was obvious how very much they love each other and enjoy spending time together.

Print-Sense Photography family reunion storyboard



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