The Weeds of Life

No one ever photographs the weeds in their garden.

CloverInRocks_PrintSensePhotography2013 wb

Why focus in on the dandelions and invading clover when there are lilies and roses to capture?

The same can be true of our lives.  It is far too easy to present only the best and beautiful as we create our perfect Facebook personas to share with our friends.  Sure we may post how the kids are sick or our frustrations with the evening commute but rarely do we socially project anything deeper then that.  Perhaps it goes back to the old adage, “Don’t air your dirty laundry in public.”

LittleBug_PrintSensePhotography2013 wb

So we may not publicly share our personal struggles, but it is important to remember as we toil so diligently to present our perfect Facebook personas, so is everyone else.  We become so transfixed in presenting only the best and beautiful that we forget to focus on the “weeds” in our effort to push them into obscurity.

TinyWhiteStarburst_PrintSensePhotography2013 wb

Peekaboo_PrintSensePhotography2013 wb

The trouble is, you simply can’t ignore weeds.

Any gardener will attest to the fact that weeds must be dealt with or they will surely take over the soil and crush down the lilies and roses.  The same can be said of our personal “weeds.”  By ignoring them in our efforts to present a charmed life, we are only inviting them to take over.

Canola_PrintSensePhotography2013 wb

What many of us fail to remember is the proverbial weeds of our lives are the ones that shape us.  As the lilies and roses in my garden must become stronger to out compete the dandelions and clover, so do we become stronger for the struggles we face in life.

YellowClover_PrintSensePhotography2013 wb

Fairweather friends make us appreciate our true friends all the more, therefore treating them with deeper kindness and compassion.

Lost loves result in us loving our true love with a deeper passion and devotion that will stand the test of time.

Struggles with money allow us to become more financial wise therefore ensuring we plan for the future.

Losing a job presents us with the opportunity to try something new.

Illness brings about an appreciate for wellness therefore causing us to live a healthier lifestyle.

Dandelion_PrintSensePhotography2013 wb

It is true that without the “weeds” of our life we would never understand our true power and inner strength as we push beyond the struggle and stretch ourselves to greatness, but first you have to be willing to tend to your own personal garden.  It is important to step over the perfect persona so carefully constructed, plunge your hands into to soil and attend to the weeds of life.

water on leaf

There is so much to be gained.


7 thoughts on “The Weeds of Life

  1. Hello! I laughed when I read the first line of your post because all I do is photograph weeds and write about them! I think you will chuckle as well if you have time to visit my blog. I agree with you about the value and lessons learned from the weeds in our lives. And I find myself inspired by weeds, their tenacity, their drive to thrive, their resourcefulness. There is much to be admired in the wild world of weeds. Lovely photos and great sentiments in this post. Thank you!

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